Sabtu, 8 September 2012

Berkat Doa Ibu

Sekadar berkongsi sedikit kisah yang boleh dijadikan teladan untuk kita semua :)


Ada sebuah kisah yang diceritakan oleh al-Hafiz al-Dzahabi dalam Siyar A'lam al-Nubala. Kisah itu berkenaan riwayat hidup Imam Sulaim bin Ayub al-Razi. Beliau seorang ulama besar mazhab al-Syafi'i di Kota Ray. Ketika berusia 10 tahun, Sulaim al-Razi belajar al-Quran daripada seorang guru. Apabila disuruh membaca al-Fatihah, beliau banyak melakukan kesalahan. Meskipun berkali-kali mencuba, beliau tetap tidak dapat membaca dengan betul. Gurunya lalu bertanya: "Ibumu masih hidup?". Sulaim berkata: "Ya". Gurunya berkata lagi: "Minta ibumu berdoa agar kamu dipermudahkan membaca al-Quran dan semua ilmu". Sulaim pulang ke rumah dan melakukan seperti yang diperintahkan gurunya. Beberapa tahun selepas itu , Sulaim al-Razi terkenal sebagai seorang ulama besar. Bahkan, kebesaran namanya masih hidup sehingga ke hari ini.

Sumber : Gen-Q Isu no.11

Selasa, 4 September 2012

Frequently Asked Questions

        When I came back for summer holiday, one of the questions asked to me about United Kingdom is “It is easy to find food there?” Neither about my study nor about my university (had I understood that my university has its Malaysian campus, making it less glamour than other UK universities).

Apart from halal food, we in UK are blessed with strong vegetarian society. Thus they help in enforcing the food industry to carefully follow the regulation, before the V-label awarded to their food products.  But, I’m interested to answer such question by referring to Muslim community here. As most of us are perceived as immigrants (although there are significant increase of British Muslim), we are connected by brotherhood under tawhid.
Not V for Vendetta!

I remembered my first week settling down there. I’m touched to meet my Muslim brothers from various backgrounds gathered during Friday prayer. I had chance to talk to a few Bruneian brothers, before the khutbah started. Needless to say on the quality gap of the khutbah content there compared to us. You may argue for the difference of waqi’, but we must learn from others to improve our quality. 

There is Islamic Society (ISoc), sort of BADAR in the sense of our school. The difference between BADAR and ISoc is, ISoc is catering the welfare of Muslim community among the university’s staffs and students. They are also engaging with other societies as well by organizing Charity’s Week and Discover Islam Week. 

Remember, your activism is not ended at the school…

P/S: To be continued ^_^