Rabu, 8 Ogos 2012

From Biro to Syukbah

It is interesting to note on our habit of naming something. Muslim in Malaysia particularly, always prefers Arabic terms. Putting a good Arabic name to our children is a good thing, but does not necessarily applied to other situation such as naming a shop or organization.

There is a story told by Ustaz Hasrizal about naming something.  A restaurant used the word Dhuha which literally means ‘the morning hours’. Ironically- he told us- the restaurant not open yet even after Zuhur (in the afternoon). Using Arabic names does not means you are blessed with productivity and diligence.
My fellow friends, they're legends of their own. 

I had to make a confession on the reason I start this BADAR’s blog. It was my time that the production of Majalah Al-Imtiyaz became so slow and I do not blame others. I do understand the effort of producing one, we need to have writers or collecting popular articles from the Net then proceed to design, before can be printed and distributed. It seems so easy to describe it in one sentence but mind you, it is tireless effort if you had Ujian Bulanan next week or strings of co-curricular activities that you involved. Not to forget our contribution to beloved Rumah Sukan.

Incidentally, the cyberspace gained popularity thanks to tsunami politik post General Election in 2008. Among students, MySpace and Friendster became a trend on that time (we have Yahoo Messenger too!). My prediction is online medium will become popular among the students even though in this remote school, so why not BADAR have a blog and a Facebook account as well. What I forgot to predict that it will soon become additional burden to Biro/Syukbah Penerbitan later on.

Or perhaps I forgot to say basmalah when posting our first entry ;)

I always follow the progress of my juniors back in school, as well as this BADAR’s blog. Nothing much change in this blog but our Surau As-Syakirin become much more beautiful today, and usrah become more active and lively compared to my time. I am more than happy to hear such news from you.

Let me give some ideas to cherish this little blog. Maybe you do not have much time to update it, thus you can publish a glimpse of Majalah Al-Imtiyaz here. Let say a fragment from an interesting article or a nice short story. Go to the next level, make it as a fundraising channel. You can promote Majalah Al-Imtiyaz either the hardcopy or the softcopy, to be sold as one of the fundraising strategy. Now not only Syukbah Penerbitan involved in this blog but also Syukbah Muamalat as well. The burden to maintain such little blog is shared together including me, and we are no longer relying on syubhah advertisement from Nuffnang or Advertlets.

I remembered the day we held our first BADAR meeting with Ustaz Anuar where myself also had confusions to understand the portfolio for each biro. I hope such changing to syukbah (or even you prefer lajnah later on) is meant by the emergence of fresh ideas from BADAR to engage with our friends spreading dakwah as well as becoming a proactive student’s body.

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  1. yeah, in unversity, there is no 'biro', there is 'lujnah', wheres the ukhuwah dan dakwah spread:)

    1. As I stressed in this entry, doesn't matter what type of name we applied as long we fulfil our amanah with our best.